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A Quick Word On The Farm Bill

$8.7 billion over the next ten years have been cut from food stamps nationwide as part of the newly-signed Farm Bill.

The oil industry continues to receive around $35 billion/year in subsidies. They probably need it; they’ve been recently recording record-low profits. They’ve only been averaging around $60 billion/year profits the last few years. They need to eat too.

The pharmaceutical industry gets north of $250 billion/year, when calculating for subsidies and the fact that Medicare cannot negotiate prices with drug manufacturers, thanks to the 2003 Medicare Part D bill that continues to heavy contribute to our extremely high prescription prices. But they need to eat too.

Top-200 companies combine to receive well north of $1 trillion/year (with a T) in federal support, and that doesn’t count the fact that their lobbying (which they spend a far less than that on) gets them trillions of dollars of business combined. But we need to prioritize the well-being of the good people from Goldman-Sachs, AT&T, Microsoft, Comcast, Lockheed-Martin, big banks that already received a bailout years ago, and other enormously rich companies you’ve heard of. They need to eat, so badly.

So let’s ignore those in need and keep shoveling money to the people who already have all of it. That makes sense.


Bullets from my coffee cup.

Random thoughts as my eyelids struggle to stay open:

– LeBron James is playing almost every available minute (almost 43 min/game) in these playoffs, and not enough people are recognizing how ridiculous that is.  Completely ridiculous that those 5 min/game he isn’t playing, that’s practically like choking away those 5 minutes!  He’s so unclutch!

– More states are pursuing drug testing for welfare recipients, despite the fact that it’s a complete fucking waste of money.  In related news, many states are also run by bumbling idiots.  Well, I guess that’s not news.

– My Asus Transformer has infiltrated my life, to a point where spending real money on a tablet (I got mine for $250 on a Black Friday sale) is looking more like an inevitability rather than an inconvenience.  It’s nothing compared to my desktop, but it’s way better than my phone in the “bathroom/couch/car/bedroom/kitchen computer” departments.

– The White Sox managed to avoid complete sadness by beating the Cubs, preventing a series sweep and winning the season series 4-2.  Now all they have to do is figure out where Philip Humber stashed his perfect-game juice and they could be set for a run at the division title.  Gavin Floyd being good again would help too.