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No One Fucking Thinks Anymore And It’s Driving Me Crazy

It takes all I can muster to not be an insufferable cunt on Facebook every day.  If I had less self-discipline, I would comment on every single fucking social/political meme that had 4 brain cell’s worth of thought put into it, which was then reposted a million times by people who agreed with a premise they refused to research or verify.  I would comment on every single fucking one with facts and analysis to show them how dumb they were for sharing an idea or statement that is fundamentally flawed with only 10 minutes of Google-Fu.

And it wouldn’t do a damn thing.

No one wants to know anything, and that’s the problem.  They want their feelings formed into a bullet point, and that’s good enough.  Fuck reading, fuck research, fuck fact-checking, fuck verification.  Someone took two minutes captioning a picture, so it can’t be all wrong, right?

This happened today:

Someone who I thought was smarter than they actually are reposted the following on their Facebook feed:


Hey, that’s not a bad point at first blush.  If I pretend like I only have a few hundred brain cells, I could probably conjure some rage and follow that up with “Yeah, how dare they!”

First: should risking your life be the only path to affordable higher education?

Second: tuition has increased at least 1,000% over the last 30-50 years (depending on who you ask), and that’s with adjustment for inflation.  So yeah, I guess risking your life does seem like a good fucking idea now.

Third: Note that the veteran in the picture is white; not surprisingly, that makes it more accurate.  There is a long history of minorities, specifically African-Americans, getting a shaft of some sort or another regarding their G.I. Bill benefits.

Fourth: Like many veteran’s benefits, the G.I. Bill has received numerous cuts in recent years.

Fifth: This meme distorts the overall message of the outcries from millennial/GenX young people who are often identified as the people “whining” and “complaining” about “life.”  The overall message is that they were sold a bill of goods (work hard, be smart, have a house and family and dog and comfortable life) that hasn’t been delivered upon.  Costs for everything are higher today than they were only 20 years ago, let alone 40 (adjusted for inflation, of course).  Hard work can still get you places, but not the same places it got your parents, or your parent’s parents.  Most people who are “crying” about getting their student loans forgiven are mad because they paid more for college and got far less than their parents (and their parent’s entire generation) did.

I spent maybe 10 minutes searching all that information up.  I’m not a genius.  But I am now more informed than what feels like half the people in America.  I’m not special, so that makes things even sadder.

The worst part of this is that the righteous indignation that people spew along with their opinions, opinions that have been poorly (if at all) researched, or opinions that they got from a fucking meme.  The person I know on Facebook probably posted that with an internal “yeah, those lazy fucks!”  Not only have they internalized a really weak opinion, but they have paired it with the entitled condescension of someone who you would have thought would have done a search or used their brain.  In reality, all they did was nod at a picture and click “share.”

This isn’t just obnoxious, this is deleterious to society, and has spread like wildfire.  Many, many people just don’t research for themselves.  They take the spoonfuls of information they’re willing to eat, and accepting that it is right.  It is reducing our culture to that of bullet points and sound bites.  I know this  is happening because Donald Fucking Trump is going to win a nomination for President Of The Fucking United States while treating every debate like it’s a wrestling promo.  He has provided zero detail on his plans, only surface-level proclamations, yet there are people hailing him a savior.

I don’t have a solution for this.  I can’t understand it.  The way I’m wired, if I read something that I’m not sure of, I go and research it.  I can accept that not everyone is like me.  But isn’t it good to, y’know, know things?  Isn’t it good to make sure you’re right before you call someone lazy, or worthless, or wrong?  Isn’t it good to base your arguments on things like facts instead of emotions or fucking memes?

Just fucking burn it to the ground, we wouldn’t notice anyways.


Three Should-Be-Obvious Societal Truths

There’s a ton of misinformation and lack of information in political/societal discussion.  This is natural, obviously.  However, of all the things that are misunderstood or not understood at all, there are three things I feel everyone needs to know.

1 – Creating a life in America is harder now than it was decades ago.

There’s a common saying that tends to come from baby boomers or any generation pre-Gen-X: “just pull up your bootstraps and work.”  This isn’t terrible advice, but it’s often couched in a belief that hard work is all you need to create a good life in America.  This is simply false.

Back in the day, going to college guaranteed you a mid-to-upper-level salary.  Housing cost less.  Gas cost less.  Food cost less.  Everything cost less!  And this is after calculating for inflation.

Houses used to cost, on average, two years of income for the middle class.  Cars used to cost around 1/3 of the income.  College was less than half what it costs today.  The simple fact is this: back then, credit wasn’t necessary to obtain these things, or at least far less necessary.  Now, buying a car without a loan is a rarity, college loans define your economic standing for decades, and housing (even in a deflated market!) costs more than ever.

Creating an average middle-class life in America is much, much harder now.  This is compounded by the fact that not only do you have to go into heavy debt for a house, you’re starting with a mountain of educational debt, or you don’t have a degree and have to get lucky to make it into a career path that yields decent pay.

Compound this with the fact that earnings overall are lower than in the past, when adjusted with the difference in the cost of living.  This makes it harder to have a family, since single-income households are now a rarity instead of the norm.  This puts undue stress upon parents and parenting, which then affects the child or children.

“Pulling up your bootstraps and going to work” just isn’t the cure-all answer anymore.  That should also include “get really lucky” or “hope your parents pay for college”.

2 – Institutionalized racism still exists in America.

This is obvious to the people it affects negatively, but not to the people it doesn’t affect (or to those who benefit!).

Cocaine is a drug predominately abused by well-off white people.  Crack cocaine is a drug predominately abused by poor black people.  However, possessing 1 gram of crack gets you a jail sentence equal to the sentence you would get for 18 grams of cocaine.  That sounds ridiculous, though it used to be worse!  Before the Fair Sentencing Act of 2010, that disparity used to be 100:1!

Black children are 18 times more likely to be charged as adults than white children.

People with “black-sounding” names have to send 50% more job applications before getting a callback, when compared to people with “white-sounding” names.

A black man is three times more likely to be searched at a traffic stop, and then subsequently six times more likely to go to jail, when compared to a white person.

If a black person kills a white person, they are twice as likely to receive a death sentence, than the other way around.

77% of death row executions were a person who killed a white person.  13% of death row executions were a person who killed a black person.  Black and white murder is roughly the same.

It’s there.  Stop denying it.  And if you aren’t denying it, be aware of it.  If you’re white, I’m not saying you should have white guilt.  I’m saying you should have societal awareness.

3 – Socialism is not Communism.  Having social programs does not make you socialist.

Too often, people hear the word “social” or “equal” and automatically assume “socialist,” which then leads to “communist.”  This is dumb.

America has had socialist programs for ever.  Public police is socialist.  Public fire protection is socialist.  Public schools are socialist.  Social security.  Medicare.  This doesn’t make America a socialist country.  It makes it more socialist, but far from real socialist.

The ideas of universal health care or a higher minimum wage aren’t necessarily socialist ideas, but they are ideas that would help a majority of Americans.  Neither would change America into a socialist country, and not even close to a communist one.

This is silly confusion over dumb words that somehow have negative meanings, despite the fact that progressive ideals only help the most people, most of the time.