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Mike Pence: Avatar of Cruelty

This morning, Indiana Governor Mike Pence signed HB1337 into law, which adds a myriad of further restrictions and provisions surrounding abortion.  Indiana had already been one of the more socially conservative states in the country regarding this issue, and now may be the most.

Provisions added in this bill include:

  • Can no longer use race, color, national origin, ancestry or sex as a reason for abortion
  • Can not use a diagnosis or Down’s syndrome or any other disability as a reason for abortion
  • Forces those seeking an abortion to listen to the fetus’ heartbeat, then come back no less than 18 hours later to actually perform the procedure
  • Forces the remains of miscarried or aborted fetuses to be cremated or buried, at the expense of the mother
  • Forces abortion providers to obtain “admitting privileges” at local hospitals

There’s a lot to unpack here.  While there’s a whole wave of arguments about whether abortion is right or wrong (and to what degree), there’s one line from the above that should upset anyone upon reading it, no matter who you are or what beliefs you hold.

  • Forces the remains of miscarried or aborted fetuses to be cremated or buried, at the expense of the mother

This isn’t thoughtful.  It doesn’t hold life sacred.  It’s not about symbolism, or anything positive.  This is punitive.  This is malice.  It is legislation of intimidation and control, without empathy or regret.  It’s not even technically about abortion at this point.  This is about punishing women for having a uterus in a world where bad things can happen.

That this is a real bill that will become law in a country that is supposed to be the leader of the free world would be laughable if it wasn’t so sad.  The idea of forcing a woman to pay for their dead baby funeral, even in the event of a miscarriage, is the sort of thing an unfeeling sadist would joke about.  However, in Indiana, USA we had someone actually write up the bill, three more assist in writing it, ten more sponsor it, and a large enough majority in two different parts of government to put it in front of the Governor.

Finally, we had a man, Governor Mike Pence, sign it into law.

Every single one of these legislators, these politicians, these fucking perverse maniacs don’t deserve a seat at the humanity table.  Seats are reserved for those who can conjure a thought or care for what other people feel, for those who can consider views and desires from another perspective.

Passing a law that makes it harder to get or perform an abortion, that is defensible from at least some perspectives.  Passing a law that intimidates or humiliates a woman before being able to have an abortion, that’s reprehensible.

Passing a law that forces a woman to pay for a funeral for a miscarriage is far, far beyond that.  It’s cruelty, of the highest order.