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Single-Level Thinking, Or How To Create Criminals And Be A Dick-shitting Fuckface Simultaneously

So, Illinois State Representative Jeanne Ives said some words in September last year:

Those words have now swirled into a new bill.  This bill, if passed, would halt the issuance of birth certificates in Illinois to babies who have no father (or other person willing to take legal and financial responsibility) listed.  There is no clause or exception for rape or incest victims.

A lack of a birth certificate would prevent that child and the single mother from receiving any benefits from any level of government.

There are so many things I feel and think when I read this.  It’s just really mean, to start with.  It’s sexist, as it automatically assumes the mother isn’t capable of providing.  It’s hilariously unconstitutional for a variety of reasons (which is why I’m not really mad about the bill itself).

But more than all of that (and that is a lot to overcome), it’s incredibly moronic.  Simply dumb, stupid idiocy.  The people who think this is a good idea don’t understand what critical thinking is, or even what thinking is.  The people in charge of this bill and the thought put behind it shouldn’t be trusted to run a lemonade stand, let alone any governmental function on any level.  Philosophical or moral concerns aside, supporting this kind of bill demonstrates an inability to think or function clearly.  Either these people are the dumbest people in a land of increasingly dumb people, or they are so emotionally charged by the idea of welfare that they’re blinded to the fact that they’re supporting something so bald-face stupid.

What do you think happens if you deprive help to single mothers and their children?  What do you think happens to a society that refuses to help those that need it the most?  You have a shitty fucking society, that’s what.

OK, more details.

The chances that single mother engages in some sort of criminal or destructive behavior increase dramatically.  She will need to find another source of money, and/or she will take on vices to help mentally cope with the depression that will inevitably occur.

The chances that child eventually grows into an adult that also engages in criminal or destructive behavior go up as well.

There’s also a chance that one or both just simply die, because food costs money.  Some might think the idea of that happening in America is preposterous.  If you do, here’s some countries that have lower infant mortality rates than the USA: Bosnia, Latvia, Cuba, Taiwan, Israel, and pretty much every other first-world country you can think of.  The key cause is income inequality and poverty, which should come as no surprise.

The point is this: it should be hard to figure out that a social safety net pays for itself, when considering the alternative.  If the poor are given greater opportunities to support their families and enrich their lives, the elements of vice and crime become less prevalent.  Few actually choose a life of crime, but are more often forced into it by situations often out of their control.

Depriving a single mother and her child aid to take care of themselves, morality aside, is just an idiotic proposition.  This type of single-level thinking is rampant these days, to a point where I’m beginning to fear what lies ahead.