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Bullet Points for Justice

  • Obamacare declared constitutional.  Spending exorbitant funds on prosecuting baseball players for perjury still OK too.  We have a long way to go.
  • Seriously though, good job SCOTUS.  Today.  We’ll see about tomorrow.
  • NBA Draft today.  Anthony Davis’ unibrow worth the price of admission.
  • Google announces Nexus 7 Tablet.  Kindle Fire purchasers all shed a single tear.
  • I’ll want a Nexus 10 Tablet, assuming that’ll be a thing.  If there’s one thing I’ve learned about Android, it’s that the Google-branded devices are usually the best.  They at least get the most timely updates.
  • Getting into Game of Thrones.  It’s fantastic; enough for me to buy the books and read them all.  Though Sean Bean’s character got old quick; it seemed he constantly had that “constipated/someone shit in my cereal” look the entire time.

Coffee Bullets, aka Naming Things is Hard

Someday I’ll have a good name for this thing where I just throw out random thoughts in bullet-point fashion.  We’ll see.

  • I’ve always approved of Aaron Sorkin’s work overall.  Sports Night is one of my favorite all-time shows.  He’s always been a bit of a haughty dipshit, but never enough to turn me off completely.  Having said that, Newsroom is some haughty dipshit-ism to an extreme.  To describe America’s past as “better” in a cut-and-dry fashion is ignorant to an extreme I can’t abide by.  Such a fondness for the past is OK; but don’t forget all the other problems 
  • I listened to Rollins’ Band “Weight” yesterday.  I sort of want to lift weights and punch things now.
  • I’ve traditionally been lukewarm on Starbucks, but I’ve discovered their Blonde roast and I’m in love.  Never really liked light breakfast blends before, but this one is simply amazing.  I got K-Cups for it and everything.  I’m such a consumerist worm sometimes.
  • I’m currently working on material for some sort of stand-up comedy experiment.  I need to figure out what to channel on-stage.  I want to be myself; I feel that’s paramount to being interesting, original, and trusted on-stage.  But what part of me do I want to channel?  Self-loathing?  Goofy?  Political?  Nerdy?  I need to start, because I think the experimentation will be the most fulfilling part of this.
  • I’ve discovered a term: Music Isolationist.  This is something I am.  I don’t listen to radio or MTV, so I’m often ignorant (blissfully, might I add) of new hit songs until someone’s staring at me blankly as if I should know what I’m listening to.  I only listen to music I happen upon through Pandora, or the occasional sincere recommendation from a trusted friend.  It’s like I run an exclusive club, of which only the finest musical acts are allowed entrance into my cerebellum.  Okay, that’s a grandiose metaphor, but I like the idea of manipulating a velvet rope of particular importance.
  • At the Drive-In is keen.
  • So I just noticed on my Google Music app that there’s a thumbs-up/thumbs-down selection.  Why would this exist?  If I didn’t like a song why would I have added it to my library?  Why would I add a song only to give it a thumbs-down?  Is this for masochists?

Check back tomorrow, when there may be an update.  Or not.

Bullets from my coffee cup.

Random thoughts as my eyelids struggle to stay open:

– LeBron James is playing almost every available minute (almost 43 min/game) in these playoffs, and not enough people are recognizing how ridiculous that is.  Completely ridiculous that those 5 min/game he isn’t playing, that’s practically like choking away those 5 minutes!  He’s so unclutch!

– More states are pursuing drug testing for welfare recipients, despite the fact that it’s a complete fucking waste of money.  In related news, many states are also run by bumbling idiots.  Well, I guess that’s not news.

– My Asus Transformer has infiltrated my life, to a point where spending real money on a tablet (I got mine for $250 on a Black Friday sale) is looking more like an inevitability rather than an inconvenience.  It’s nothing compared to my desktop, but it’s way better than my phone in the “bathroom/couch/car/bedroom/kitchen computer” departments.

– The White Sox managed to avoid complete sadness by beating the Cubs, preventing a series sweep and winning the season series 4-2.  Now all they have to do is figure out where Philip Humber stashed his perfect-game juice and they could be set for a run at the division title.  Gavin Floyd being good again would help too.