It’s Easy Until It’s You

I’m one of those people who can easily be talked into the redefinition of, well, anything.  This is mainly born out of the logic that everything changes, so everything should change to accommodate, y’know, reality.

This is a really easy thing to do until it’s something that concerns you.

Example: the Constitution of the United States of America.  Many people cling to this document as if it were handed down by the gods, never to be touched or changed, to be upheld verbatim for all time.  People forget that this document was written:

  • By people who:
    • thought black people didn’t count as people in their society
    • thought women didn’t deserve a vote
    • owned slaves
    • routinely broke the law and got away with it
  • In a time when:
    • Nobody bathed regularly
    • Toilets (or plumbing of any kind) didn’t exist
    • Mass communication of any kind didn’t exist
    • there were people who thought vampires were real
    • basic medicine and dentistry were functionally barbaric practices
    • most of the country as we know it today wasn’t discovered yet

The suggestion of rewriting the constitution brings some people to violence, yet it’s probably a good idea if only because shit changes, yo.

That all sounds pretty logical to me, and I’m willing to accept that.

Right now, as a country, we’re trying to accept what the definition of a man or woman is.  This starts a litany of other conversations; some worthwhile, some not, all difficult.  To some the outcome is obvious, that we need to be tolerant of everyone’s thoughts and feelings.  To others the outcome is opposite but similarly obvious, that we need to preserve our moral and social fiber, and resist progressive change for the sake of change.  The answer, as always, is subjective and likely somewhere in the middle.

These discussions are even harder for the people directly affected.  It’s really easy to forget that when trying to break something down logically.

This all makes sense to me.

Change is hard.


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